Distance Study


Distance Study: Provided by the Implant Resource Centre

The IRC Distance Study Program is an ADA CERP and Licensing College approved program for CE credits designed to maximize the training, knowledge and involvement for everyone in the office to be part of an enthusiastic implant marketing, sales and service provider team.

This 16 Module Program ensures that all the little things are done to make the transition into implant dentistry as easy and comfortable as possible. All the myriad in office procedures and forms as well as a pre-clinical, clinical and post-clinical procedures are covered ensuring the patient is given the best possible treatment and care while experiencing a seamless easy flowing trip through the entire implant placement and restoration procedure.

Each of these steps have been proven and honed over 45 years of experience in implant dentistry. Nothing is redundant and nothing is left out. Follow the steps and you will have a successful, profitable and enjoyable implant practice.


  1. Introduction to Implants
  2. Patient Selection
  3. Treatment Planning
  4. Stage One Surgical Implant Placement
  5. Stage Two Uncovering
  6. Restoration of Implants: Dentate
  7. Restoration of Implants: Edentulous: Soft Tissue Over dentures
  8. Restoration of Implants: Edentulous: Implant Supported Over dentures
  9. Restoration of Implants: Edentulous: Fixed Detachable
  10. Understanding Bone & Bone Grafts
  11. Bone Augmentation Procedures
  12. Ethical Marketing & Selling Implants to the Public
  13. Laboratory Considerations
  14. Trouble Shooting Implants
  15. In Office Procedures
  16. Mini Implants

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