“After much thought and asking numerous questions, I decided to have four implants placed with crowns attached to replace missing upper teeth. I have had these for 20 years now. Without doubt, these implants are simply the best looking and strongest teeth in my mouth today. Above all, they feel so natural. I would recommend anyone with missing teeth to consider implants as an option.”

– Howard T., Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to take a moment to express how extremely pleased I am with my implants. Actually, EXCITED is a more appropriate description of how I feel.
I ate an apple the other day. No paring knife- no cutting it up in small pieces. Just simply eating an apple, bite by bite, just like ‘normal’ people do. I was so excited. I haven’t eaten an apple in probably 20 years. It is such a pleasure to go out to a restaurant without having to read the menu to see what is ‘soft’ and not have to eat most of the meal with your hand ready to cover your face in case your teeth slipping and people noticing it. Of course they always did but I had become an expert at maneuvering my food and my teeth around my mouth.
As you know, I have had dentures for 39 years. I have had problems with poor fit for the last 20 years. I can’t believe I would have gone that long without having these implants done. The money wasn’t as big an issue for me as was the fear. I have an unbelievable (and unreasonable, I admit) fear of dentists, needles, electrical equipment around my face, blood, pain, etc. However, if I had known what the result would be I would have been able to put much of that fear aside.
Oh well, that’s all behind me now. I have never had a problem with self-esteem but I’m even more high on myself now than ever. I feel great and I look great!
Thanks so much for your patience and most of all for your expertise in this field. I know I had the best. My implants are a perfect 10! – Sincerely, Abbie

“I’ve always been proud of my smile. Five years ago I lost a tooth in a car accident causing me extreme distress. Instead of damaging my adjacent teeth by replacing the tooth with a bridge, I chose an implant and am thrilled with the results. The procedure was simple with barely any discomfort and no damage to my remaining teeth. I’m now smiling again.” – Karen B., Vancouver, BC

“For eighteen years, I had continuous discomfort, constant sores and could only wear my dentures using adhesive. After having implants placed, I no longer have sores or use adhesive and have my confidence back as I no longer have the fear of losing my dentures. I can’t say enough about how these implants have changed my life for the better. No Pain. No discomfort. I can eat anything. My advise to anyone considering implants is do it – don’t wait and suffer like I did for eighteen years. Thank you Dr. Bergman.” – Josephine F., Vancouver, BC