Crown and Bridge


UCLA Abutments:  For dentists who wish a machined mating surface, the Titanium components can be adjusted, waxed to and cast to using “Tilite” titanium alloy. Wax can be added to the titanium UCLA Abutment to whatever shape the lab desires. There are small spiral grooves around the top portion to help mechanical attachment of the wax or the cast metal to the UCLA. It is important that the lab is well qualified to follow proper investing and casting procedures. The Delrin UCLA abutments can be used as burnout copings or scanning abutments.

Titanium UCLA Abutment

Delrin UCLA & Scanning Abutment

4mm titanium ucla
Diameter SKU
3.25 mm S17051A
4, 5, 6 mm S17052A
4 mm delrin ucla
Diameter SKU
3.25 mm S20051B
4, 5, 6 mm S20052B

Analogues: All implant analogues and Dowel Pin Analogues are made from aluminum and are used during the laboratory prosthetic restoration stage as a die in the working model to replicate the internal mating surface of the implant body. Conventional analogues are fixed into the working model. Similar to the dowel pins found with natural teeth, DPAs are removable making the lab procedure easier.

Conventional Analogues

Dowel Pin Analogues

implant analogues
Diameter SKU
3.25 mm S10001A
4.0 mm S10002A
5.0 mm S10005A
6.0 mm S10006A
Dowel Pin Analogues
Diameter SKU
3.25 mm S10041
4.0 mm S10032

Instructions for Lab Fabrication of Simpler Crown & Bridge Components