Dowel Pin Analogues


Dowel Pin AnaloguesTraditionally when dental labs pour up impressions for Crown & Bridge models for natural teeth, the lab uses a brass dowel pin and sleeve imbedded into the prepared tooth portion in the model.   This allows the lab technician to remove the individual tooth from the model to allow easier fabrication of the lab component reducing time and cost to the dentist.

When replicating implants in a model, all implant companies use a metal analogue when pouring up the model.  These are fixed into the model and non removable by the lab technician.

Similar to the Implant Analogues, DPAs have an internal configuration which replicate the internal taper, indexed hex, and threads of the mating surface of the implant body.    Unlike the regular analogues the DPAs are removable from the working model allowing the lab technician to readily shape the attached component thereby reducing lab costs by as much as 10%.

Instructions Use of Simpler Dowel Pin Analogues