Edentulous Mandible Location Guide


When placing four Mini implants in the symphysis area, it is important that the osteotomies and the implants do not involve vital structures such as the mental nerve.   Traditionally the mental nerve emerges in an area between the two lower bicuspid teeth.   However when a patient is edentulous in the mandible and no teeth are present it is impossible to judge where the mental nerve emerges. In analyzing occlusal radiographs, if one draws a line at right angles to the midline through the posterior aspect of the symphysis, it will fall ahead of the mental foramen in over 95 % of mandibles.

Edentulous Mandible Location GuideWhen placed properly, the Edentulous Mandible Location Guide has four equidistant slots which can be used to mark the location of the implant sites on a lab model or the mucosa.  These sites will be ahead of the mental foramen and can be used as a guide to prevent mental nerve involvement during implant placement

Instructions Use of Edentulous Mandible Location Guide