iguideTo properly place implants* it is imperative that the surgeon place the implant at the correct Location, Angulation, Depth, Diameter and Inter proximal distance (LADDI™).  It is well documented that the distance between the cervical margins of a neighboring tooth or implant be 3.0 mm to ensure maintainence of the papilla. Many techniques have been suggested to accomplish these five criteria, including the use of lab fabricated Stents, ConeView, Tomograms, etc.

All these procedures are time consuming and costly for the patient. Although using these expensive techniques give information to guide the surgeon in the proper placement of an implant, it does not remove the ultimate clinical decision from the surgeon. The Simpler iGuide LADDI™ Instrument System allows the operator to determine all these criteria in a simple, step by step, chairside procedure for any patient.

Instructions Use of iGuide™