Osteotomy Drill Sharpener


Osteotomy Drill SharpenerPart of the standard protocol of any surgical procedure is the use of sharp instruments. This is especially so during the surgical preparation of the osteotomy site for dental implant placement and when drilling post holes in teeth roots. If the edge of the drill becomes dulled through repeated usage, the drill then becomes inefficient and generates substantial heat which is transferred to the bone or the tooth. Overheating of bone results in bone necrosis. Overheating of a tooth results in fracture of the tooth.  This is a serious problem for both the clinician and the patient and is a situation that is entirely preventable.

Most surgeons are either not aware that their drills can be sharpened or if so do not know how to sharpen them.  It is virtually impossible to sharpen a Spade or Twist drill with the correct angles if the clinician uses a bench hone to sharpen the drill. The Simpler Drill Sharpener is designed to bring the end of the drill in contact with a sharpening stone at both the correct angle and rake every time. It is simple to use with minimal training.

 Instructions Use of Drill Sharpener