PREP Patient Risk Evaluation Program


One of the main factors in the success or failure of an implant is proper patient selection.   This means being aware of the patient’s medical conditions and medications and how they impact negatively on the short and long term success of the implants. “PREP™” is an acronym for Patient Risk Evaluation Program and is a software program which evaluates each of over 40 medical conditions and medications and rates each item as it impacts the implant success.   Once the patient’s profile is entered and submitted, the score given to each of these factors is totaled.  PREP™ provides the patient and the dentist with an accurate guide to the patient’s medical status as it relates to the success of implant placement and will give the confidence in the successful outcome of an implant placement. At the same time it provides the dentist with additional information and record keeping to provide the necessary informed consent.

32-helpful-prepInstructions Use of PREP™