Shadow Metal Locator


Shadow Metal LocatorShadow Metal Locator is a hand held, battery powered, electronic, medical, dental and/or industrial device that locates ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects such as titanium. The device allows the operator to precisely locate ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects in confined spaces where larger metal finding devices are impractical due to the size of the devices, where the potential for contamination exists in open wounds or in other body cavities, or where radiographs are not available or contra-indicated, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for radiographs to locate metal objects in the body or the need to perform extensive surgery on patients. Metal objects such as dental implants buried under the mucosa in edentulous patients, broken needle, staples, pins, bullet fragments, shotgun pellets, previously placed fracture wire, etc. imbedded in the body present  a serious problem to the attending physician or dentist and patient. The Shadow Metal Locator reduces operating time for the surgery, resulting in increased comfort and less cost to the patient.

Instructions Use of Shadow Metal Locator