Impression Copings


All Simpler Impression Copings are made from stainless steel. They are used during the impression taking stage of the implant body or of a Bar Post Abutment.  Impression Copings are sold complete with screw.  The correct Impression Coping Screw must be used with the Impression Coping.

The 4 mm abutments fit into 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 mm diameter implants.

Implants: Impression Copings for implants are designed for Direct Impression taking only with a closed top tray.


Impression Copings
Diameter SKU
3.25 S9031D
3.25 Screw S9013
Impression Copings

Diameter SKU
4.0 S9032D
4.0 Screw S9014

Bar Post Copings:  Impressions of Bar Post Abutments are taken using the Open Top Tray only.
Open Top

Bar Post Copings
Descripton SKU
Bar Post Impression Coping AS9004
Bar Post Coping Screw AS9007

O Ring & Toadstool Impressions: O Ring Abutments and Toadstool Abutment impressions are taking directly over the abutment using a direct impression.

Instructions for Using Simpler™ Impression Copings