“Having used the Simpler Implant System for several years now, it is evident to me it is by far the easiest to use both surgically and prosthetically giving highly successful and predictable results.   I love using the system, patients appreciate the results and are my biggest referrers of patients.”  – Dr. Ross G, Vancouver, BC

“I am a dental technician with thirty four years of experience in all phases of dental technology and for the past twelve years I’ve dedicated myself to implant dentistry exclusive.   I find the handling of the Simpler Implant parts, the simplicity of the systems and the availability of parts and service provided by the manufacturer to be excellent.”  – Victor Marques R,D,T.,C.D.T.

“The design of the Simpler implant make it a pleasure to deal with, both from the point of view of surgery and prosthetics.    There are basic, strong and applicable components that are easy to use when reconstructing virtually any prosthesis.”

“This affordable implant system allows me to place and restore more implants at a lower cost to the patient while not compromising my profit margin.”

“A simple phone call or fax has the ordered product on my doorstep the very next day.    The order department is magnificent.”

“Your personal availability, to discuss problems or difficult cases makes you and your team unique in the industry.   Thank you for providing this simple, effective product for me to use.” Dr. M.G., Calgary, AB

“At Fine Arts Dental Laboratories Ltd., we have worked with every major implant system beginning since the 1970’s.  The Simpler Implant System has proven itself to be one of the most reliable on the market.”  – Barry Morley, RDT, President & CEO- Fine Arts Dental Laboratories Ltd.

“Unlike some other systems, the Simpler system is designed to provide the greatest amount of retention and not lock in the denture during pickup intra oral techniques.” – Ken Blunt, Denturist, Victoria, BC

“The Simpler Implants Surgical Placement program was very effective in teaching me how to actually place implants into real people.”

“I especially liked the presence of an experienced clinician “hovering” over me while I placed the implants. “

“ I was pleasantly surprised how simple and easy it was to place to implants and as a result have included implant placement and restoration as part of my patient services for many years now. ”

“The Simpler System is very simple to use, successful and cost effective.  – Dr. Charles L, London, ON

“Being the first time I placed an implant, I was very concerned about my patient and my reputation.   Simpler made both me and my patient feel very comfortable and afterwards, I felt confident enough to place implants into patients in my practice.”

“ The Simpler System is very simple to use, successful and cost effective.”  – Dr. Crispin H, Vancouver, BC

“I was very impressed how you de-mystified and simplified the placing of implants.   The hands on experience of allowing me to personally place the implants into patients is unique for learning these procedures.   At all times, I felt comfortable and confident.  Thank you.” – Dr. Derek C, Vancouver, BC

“I found the Simpler Implants Surgical Placement program excellent for a general practice dentist who wants to learn how to place implants in their practice.    It was well rounded covering all areas of diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical placement and follow up.” – Dr. Blaine A, AB

“Your seminar removed the mystery from the implant process.” – Dr. Peter R., Vancouver, BC

“Including implants in my practice was a significant step in the right direction.  Simpler Implants are easy to place and restore, and I can say there is a 99% success rate in my practice.    I recommend the addition of Simpler Implants to any dental practice.  Dr. M. M., DDS, Vancouver, BC