Platform Switching


Platform Switching“Platform Switching” is really a misnomer. It has come to mean using an abutment which is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the implant. However it is much more than that. Recent scientific articles are showing that if:

1. The diameter of the emerging cover screw, abutment, etc. is smaller in diameter than the diameter of the implant, and

2. The top of the implant is buried below the crest of the ridge at time of placement.

Then the bone will grow over the top of the implant and around the cover screw/abutment forming a bony biological seal to prevent epithelial migration down the neck of the implant/abutment. Platform switching needs to have both. Once the bone seal is established and if this bony seal is:

1. Not disturbed during prosthetic restoration, and

2. Not subject to overloading or peri-implant infection such as that found with the micro-gap between implant and abutment of the traditional internal and external mating surfaces.

The seal will be maintained and crestal bone loss is prevented.