MAXiMini™ Implant System


Are too many of your “Skinny” Mini implants Failing???

It is usually caused by too much load, too early, with too little SUPPORT.

One of the support factors you can now control is the Surface Area of the Bone Implant Interface. Surface area depends on diameter and length of the implant and thread design.

A “Skinny” Mini implant is a one piece, immediate load implant 3.0 mm or less in diameter.

A MAXiMini™ implant is a one piece, immediate load implant but with a much better designed thread profile and available in 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 diameters. Please COMPARE the advantages of the MAXiMini™ implant to the other Minis currently available.


                              Mini implants                 3mm & 6mm MAXiMini™


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