Instrument Kits


MAXiMini™ Implant Surgical Kit; S1004 ND:    Contains

instrument-kit-11 only               S6015:              1.5 mm Twist Drill

1 only               S6020               2.0 mm Twist Drill

4  only             AS7005             Paralleling Pins

1 only               AS7014             Ratchet

1 only              ST6012             External Hex Driver for C/A

1 only               ST7032U           External Hex Driver for Ratchet

1 only               ST7020DG        2.0 mm Depth Gauge


Parallel Guide Kit; S1008 PG: The Simpler Paralleling Guide is made from stainless steel and is used to ensure parallelism of implant placement especially when placing Mini implants.   Contains:

instrument-kit-22 only               S6015               1.5 mm Twist Drills

4 only              AS7005             Paralleling Pins

1 only               S7061               Parallel Guide