Fewer Instruments and Drills


Instruments: If you are already placing implants, the MAXiMini™ system only requires two additional instruments, the External Driver for Contra angle and the External Driver for the Ratchet and these are included FREE with your Introductory Purchase of only 12 implants.

instruments external rachet drivers

External Driver for Ratchet. External Driver for the Contra angle.

Drills: Only one 1.5 or 2.0 mm drill is usually needed in most cases with larger diameter (5 & 6 mm) MAXiMini™ implants. This feature results in less bone removal needed which in turn allows the operator to place the implant more Easily and Quickly with Less Trauma to the bone and Fewer Negative Symptoms Post-operatively for the Patient.

In denser bone more drills may be required.