Greater Surface Area


Mini MAXIMini ThreadsFor greater implant success, one should always try to minimize LOAD and maximize SUPPORT especially during the initial healing stages. The degree of support from any implant is dependent upon the Surface Area of the Bone Implant Interface. COMPARE the difference between a 3 mm “Skinny Mini” and a 3 mm MAXiMini™.

1. Threads per Inch

Note the number of threads per inch; 15 threads per inch with the MAXiMini™ as opposed to 11 per inch for a typical “Skinny Mini”.
This equates to 40% more surface area with MAXiMini™.

2. Thread Area Compared to Core Area

Note the amount of thread area compared to the core area; the core of the MAXiMini™ remains relatively narrow allowing more room for the thread surface. The MAXiMini™ design gives at least 50% more thread/core ratio than most “Skinny Minis”. This percentage increases even more, up to 650% when you use the larger diameter MAXiMini™.

MAXIMini CoreThe larger the surface area, the greater the potential for bone attachment and support to dissipate the loads on the implant.

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