More Choices


MAXIMin comes in all sizes MAXiMini™ gives you more choices in Diameters, Lengths and Coatings.

1. Diameters

MAXiMini™ is available in 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 mm Diameters unlike other Minis available only in 3.0 mm diameter or less. Again, the greater the diameter, the greater the potential surface area which equates to a larger surface area and More Support .

If you have the bone width, use it!

2. Lengths
MAXiMini™ is available in 15, 13 and 10 mm Lengths as most other Minis are BUT they are also available in 8 mm and 6 mm lengths for those areas where there is limited bone height as found in the posterior maxilla over the sinus.
all mini lengths and diameters
3. Coatings
MAXiMini™ gives you the choice of Hydroxylapatite (HA) or Grit Blasted/Acid Etched (GBAE) Coatings. While plasma sprayed HA coatings of dental implants and joint replacement implants performed by reputable coating companies have consistently performed as good or better than uncoated implants, you have a choice of coatings.
3 by 15 GBAE6mm by 13 mm HA

Over the past 25 years HA coated implants have shown to have the following advantages over uncoated implants.
• Enhanced osseointegration at earlier stages,
• Greater initial implant/bone strengths,
• Quicker initial implant/bone attachment,
• Higher initial success rates,
• Withstands greater immediate loads,
• Achieves better bone contact in less dense and decreased amounts of bone


What’s the Fuss About Coatings