SIMPLI™ Advantages


SIMPLI Simplified Implants are designed specifically for Completely Edentulous Patients with the top of the implant placed flush with the mucosal surface.

1. As a result, only 3 Abutment Designs are needed for all Edentulous Prostheses.

  • Ring Abutment for Soft Tissue Over Dentures.


o ring abutment

  • Locator Abutment for Soft Tissue Over Dentures.



  • UCLA Abutment for Bar Supported Fixed and Removable Prostheses.



2. As well, the mating surface of all sized implants is the same shape and size requiring only 1 Length of Abutment for each design. This means, there are a total of ONLY 3 Abutments instead of hundreds, making abutment choice less costly and easier.


Mini MAXIMini Threads3. Greater intra bony SUPPORT means greater SUCCESS

4. Sharper Threads Cut Easier and Deeper into the bone which equates to Less Trauma to the Bone and the Patient

5. The narrower core diameter allows you to use a smaller diameter drill reducing the amount of bone removal decreasing the trauma to the patient.