SIMPLI™ Surgical Instruments


Only two instruments are needed to place SIMPLI™ implants, the S2S 7001: Internal Slotted Driver for the Contra angle and a Ratchet AS7014.

Surgical ratchet

AS7014: Ratchet:

Ratchet: Accepts a 4 mm square driver head.

Slotted Insertion Driver for Ratchet: Designed to fit into the 4 mm socket of the Ratchet and Torque Wrench and used to tighten SIMPLI™ implants into the prepared osteotomy site and the SIMPLI™ Locator Abutment into the implant.

Rachet Driver

S2S 7001: Slotted Location Driver for Ratchet

Alan Key Driver for Ratchet: Has a standard 4 mm square driver head to fit all standard torque wrenches with a 4 mm square head. Designed to fit into the standard1.3 mm hex female socket found in the top of the Retaining Screw and the Locator Abutment and used to torque the screw and abutment into the implant to 25 to 30 NCm.


The SIMPLI™ Instrument Kit contains all the instruments and drills to place not only SIMPLI™ implants but MAXiMini™ implants as well.

SIMPLIi™ Starter OfferThe Kit contains:
• S2S 6015: 1.5 mm Twist Drill
• S2S 6025: 2.5 mm Twist Drill
• S2S 6033: 3.3 mm Twist Drill
• S2S 60365: 3.65 mm Twist Drill
• S2S 6043: 4.3 mm Twist Drill
• S2S 6001: Slotted Driver for C/A
• ST 7032: External Driver for Ratchet
• S2S 7001: Slotted Driver for Ratchet
• ST 7033: 1.3 mm Alan Key Driver for Ratchet
• AS 7005: 4 only Paralleling Pins
• AS7914: Ratchet
• AS 7015: 1.5 mm Depth Gauge
• AS 7030: 3.0 mm Depth Gauge
• AS 7040: 4.0 mm Depth Gauge
• Autoclavable Aluminum Instrument Holder